3 great times to use a license plate lookup service

Online license plate lookup services aren't something that you hear too much about, mostly because not many people know about them. Whenever they come up in movies or on TV, it's always the police or some detective doing the lookup. Because of this, many people think that only the authorities can do this kind of search. Not true! But why would you need to do this kind of search? 1. Check vehicle histories - Let's say that you were trying to buy a car from a private seller off of a classified ads site. They give the mileage of the car, but no VIN number. However, you can see the plate in their photos. By doing a search on the plate you can find the VIN number, which then lets you check the history of the vehicle. You now potentially have information that can save you hundreds (or even thousands) of dollars! 2. Check titles - Similarly, you can use that same search to ensure that the title is clear AND that it belongs to that owner. No title headaches! 3. Figure out identities - Let's say you catch your daughter sneaking out and you have the license plate of the car. When she gets home, you can know exactly who picked her up; or even know where to get to get her immediately.

Obviously, this isn't an exhaustive list. It just gives a few examples of situations that can be made much, much easier by running a free license plate lookup. So why not give it a try?